Once you hit your late 30s early 40s you're probably going to start noticing some changes. Some may be minor but some may have really got your attention and now you're starting to wonder what the hell is going on.

It could well be if you have any of the following symptoms and they're new, that you're in perimenopause.

What's Perimenopause? And What's Menopause then?

Perimenopause refers to the transition years that lead up to menopause.  It usually comes with a whole host of delightful symptoms which you can see below.

Menopause is a point in time when you haven't had a period for 12-months.

If you're experiencing symptoms around your sleep, mood, fatigue, libido, headaches, hot flushes, joint/muscle pain - you're in the right place.  You can find SheBANG! goodness can help reduce these symptoms (in fact, 92% of our customers report a reduction in symptoms after taking their SheBANG!).

The Top 20 Most Common Perimenopause Symptoms

    1. Irregular periods
    2. Hot flashes (take these to reduce these)
    3. Night sweats (these will help reduce night sweats)
    4. Mood swings (reduce mood swings by taking these)
    5. Fatigue
    6. Sleep disturbances (definitely take these to get a better night's sleep)
    7. Vaginal dryness
    8. Decreased libido (this will help)
    9. Weight gain or changes in body composition
    10. Breast tenderness
    11. Headaches or migraines (take these to reduce these)
    12. Joint and muscle pain
    13. Changes in skin, such as dryness or increased sensitivity (the collagen in this can help)
    14. Hair thinning or loss
    15. Memory problems or difficulty concentrating (this can help boost your cognitive function and brain health)
    16. Increased anxiety or irritability (this is great for mood and anxiety)
    17. Urinary changes, such as increased frequency or urgency
    18. Digestive issues, including bloating or changes in bowel movements
    19. Allergies or increased sensitivity to certain foods
    20. Changes in cholesterol levels,

Perimenopause symptoms and the combinations of symptoms we each experience are going to be different for each woman. We're all unique (SO special!).  

Let us know in the comments, the symptoms giving you the greatest trouble.

June 01, 2023 — MICHELLE SHEARER

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