Hey! We’re Michelle and Ange!

…and we’re the Co-Founders of SheBANG! Woman.

We kicked off SheBANG! after swapping notes as good friends about our own perimenopause symptoms and decided to take action for us and all peri women. 

With Ange as a Clinical Nutritionist, we got busy developing our SheBANG! peri-busting blends right here on the North Coast, NSW and after much rigorous testing - away we went!

SheBANG! was born. 

Our Mission

We're setting out to bring your SheBANG! back through perimenopause by:

* Demystifying perimenopause
* Sharing our clinical nutritionists' expertise
* Building a caring community of, and for, perimenopausal women.
* Having conversations
* Believing women when they share their experience
* Creating natural products with science-backed ingredients that help manage peri symptoms.

We aim provide as much as we can to help us all thrive and feel the whole SheBANG! through perimenopause.

We ride at dawn!

Meet Ange, SheBANG!’s Clinical Nutritionist

Ange is SheBANG!'s Clinical Nutritionist with a special interest in mid-life Women's Health.

Ange develops SheBANG!'s product range with a laser-like focus on managing perimenopause symptoms by incorporating science-backed ingredients into SheBANG!'s natural products.

Everything she creates is about you feeling the whole SheBANG! through perimenopause.