If you're feeling stressed as the Christmas holidays are fast approaching, take a moment to read this guide here on how to stay healthy (and on top of those perimenopause symptoms) and relax this silly season.

As with any time, but particularly as we move through perimenopause, it’s important to take the time and nurture yourself both mentally and physically - but especially at Christmas time. 

Christmas for women can often mean a heckuva lot of hustle, bustle, Christmas parties, busy (MAD!) shops, organising presents and all the rest of it...

There's all that madness and then there’s the Herculean mental load we carry: have I overspent? Who should we spend Christmas with? Have I got pressies for everyone? What are we feeding everyone over Christmas? Which meals, when?  And a million other things ....

Physically, it’s a season when we can tend towards indulging in the food and booze department. You know the drill....

And you know, whatever, why the heck shouldn't you?   Christmas is also a time for fun, connection, relaxing, celebrating together, enjoying some yummy Christmas fare and feeling the love of family and friends.


But.....perimenopause is always lurking in the background, reminding us through symptom flare-ups that we can't indulge like we used to without paying a price.  It won't last forever but we do have to be mindful at the moment.

Here’s some guidelines to enjoy this Christmas and keep your perimenopause symptoms at a minimum:


We don't need to tell you because you already know this, but alcohol really does exacerbate perimenopause symptoms - ugh! Such a BORE!

But it is what it is so let's work with what we got.

Have a drink but choose your drinks wisely: not all alcoholic drinks are created equal.

When you go to order: do you really need that cocktail with Prosecco and three shots of Italian Riviera Limoncello in it? (Ha ha maybe!!). Okay, so fine, have it but maybe don't have four of them - have one and really enjoy and savour it.

Avoid alcoholic drinks that are high in sugars, toxins and fermenting yeasts because these binches are the ones that will increase the chances of a monster hangover.

If you've decided you're going to have a drink, steer towards clear spirits like vodka or gin with a mixer like soda water and fresh lime.

Mixers loaded with sugar like lemonade and Coke are really not going to help peri matters and are likely going to make you feel worse tomorrow.

If you're having drinks, consider having a glass of water in between each alcoholic drink - staying hydrated is key.

We know that there can be huge social pressure to drink too which really doesn't help when you're keen to not drink at social events. 

A few strategies for not drinking booze at social events (if you don't want to):

  • Just have a drink in your hand (doesn't matter what it is) and people will tend to leave you alone.
  • We're all adults and it’s OK to say no to alcohol if you don’t want it.  If they're good friends then they'll cope with you doing what you want with your body - they can do what they want with theirs.
  • There are heaps of fantastic non-alcoholic drink ranges on the market. We love Lyres, Sans and Monday Distillery. Consider taking a bottle of non-alcoholic grog along and hopefully you can fly under the radar.
  • Be honest with people - it's more and more usual now for folk not to drink as our knowledge grows about the effects of booze.  In general, people are likely to completely understand and leave you be. If they don't - well goodness, the problem here certainly doesn't lie with you.

Read more here about how much alcohol in peri is ok.

Avoiding Overeating

Nutrition Australia reports that on average Australians can gain between 0.8-1.5kg over the Christmas period.

As us ladies know we're already up against the peri weight gain, so Chrissie can cause a bit of anxiety: what should I eat?  Should I not eat this/that/the other? Maybe I just shouldn’t go to that party… Of course go to the party (if you want to), it’s all about balance. 

If you have a party to go to and it’s buffet style, consider having a good meal before you go: have something high in protein (about palm size), half your plate full of vegetables, ¼ plate with a whole food carb like a starchy vegetable or rice. That way you'll be satiated and won't feel the urge to eat things that might exacerbate symptoms.  If you don’t have a chance to eat before you go, stick to vegetable sticks, olives and less processed options like meats and fish. Choose healthier dips like hummus, guacamole, salsa.

Save treats for the ones you really love and savour them well.  Make good choices - you're smart, you know yourself better than anyone.  If cakes are your thing don’t eat the supermarket processed cake, choose the homemade cake that’s made with less processed ingredients and tastes so much better.

...and enjoy it!

Even though it is a super busy time of the year, make time to move.  We're not talking about the exercise grind. We're talking 30 minutes of your choice of movement a day which is going to make a huge difference to you. Make this time, time for you to decompress, take a breath, and come up for air for a little moment.

Simple things like a walk along the beach with family or friends, or going for a swim, or just getting out in nature - whatever your bag is. Get it. 

Set a Budget

The financial stress that comes with Christmas can be beyond hectic, and as we well know, stress is not good when we're moving through perimenopause.  Stress of any kind is going to make symptoms a thousand times worse. 

It’s so easy to overspend on gifts, great food and drinks, so do yourself a solid, set yourself a budget and stick to it. Remember, it’s the thought that counts and you need your sleep!

See Ya, Stress!

If too much socialising isn’t your thing, you don’t have to say yes to all the parties or the people, choose the gatherings that you feel most comfortable at rather than the ones that make you feel anxious and overwhelmed.

Connection is a wonderful thing and helps us feel happier.  Carve out the time to see the people who make you happy.

Busy shops can be stressful, plan to go early in the morning or shop online to avoid the stress.

Financial stress - check our tips above.

Make Time For You!

This one we know none of us are very good at. But Perimenopause is a helluva task master and make it clear that some lifestyle choices are non-negotiable.  Making time for ourselves, sticking our needs on the top of our to-do list is now a priority.

So treat yourself to doing things you want to do. Unapologetically.  You bloody deserve it!

Life is so busy in the run up to Christmas  - take the time to just be. Have a lovely long bath or sit and read with a cuppa. Maybe book a massage, facial or pedicure if that’s your thing. Or have a pamper night with your girlfriends and do facials together.  You know the things.

While you have that quiet moment, it’s usually a natural time of year that we reflect on the year that’s been. Have a think about what’s working, what's not. Start planning on how you can do more of the things you love and that fill your cup. 

While we're talking of filling your cup, make sure it's one of our peri-busting super lattes loaded with magnesium and other science-backed ingredients to help you feel relaxed and the whole SheBANG! through Chrissie.

Giving Back

Christmas can be tough for so many people financially and emotionally. There are many charities at this time of the year looking for volunteers to help and people to donate gifts. It’s a lovely way to give back and feels good for the soul.

You might have a family member or neighbour who's on their own - maybe invite them to your Christmas dinner, leave them Christmas dinner or a surprise pressie on their door step. 


Take time to enjoy the festive season. Reflect on what you're grateful for. Once the madness is over and it’s more about unplugging and unwinding, maybe try something new that you have been meaning to try forever.

Start the new year with a (she)bang! 

....or, just a nap (yes please! Haha)

December 06, 2022 — Angela Greely

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