The results are in!  PeriSisters review the Peri Chai Latte

We’ve been getting some wonderful reviews coming in for our Peri Chai Latte and we had to share them with you!

“I love my peri chai morning and evening with hot water and a splash of soy milk. It’s weaned me off tea and coffee and I crave it more than I used to enjoy tea or coffee!  No more caffeine blues and I’m getting all the goodness.  I notice how my body feels when I don’t have it. Thank you SheBang!”

- Ursula L

peri chai latte perimenopause

“Loving the peri chai with warmed almond milk before bed, and on a rainy morning when I need an extra mug cuddle 🤗

Amy M

peri chai latte perimenopause

“Another month free from night-sweats and hot flushes and without resorting to synthetic methods to manage perimenopause symptoms! Thank you Peri Chai Latte! xxx”

Karena B.

peri chai latte perimenopause

“Perimenopause had made me into someone I dont even know - I was irritable and grumpy hated it.  I was having trouble getting to sleep & then would wake up in the middle of the night. So wrecked the next morning and barely able to function.  A massive struggle and I was so miserable.

A friend had bought this Peri Chai Latte and was telling me how it had seriously improved her sleep and mood so thought well, I might as well give it a go. 

This is my second month now having 2 peri chai lattes a day and I can't tell you how much better I feel.  I get to sleep much better and don't wake up in the middle of the night. The flow-on effect from that means I'm not such a cranky pants with my family and can cope with life again with a smile on dial. Love it THANK YOU shebangers, i'm not going anywhere xxx”

Sarah-Louise C.

peri chai latte perimenopause

"Love this first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Tastes delicious. Will definitely be back for more. Website is fantastic too. Thanks girls."

Adina M

“I can 100% assure you that this product works! I'm just about to order my 4th packet of Peri Chai Latte and thought 'I haven't taken that photo again!' You would think I would remember at least once in the past 3 months given I drink it twice (yes, twice!) a day! It is delicious! As a coeliac I love that it is Gluten and Lactose Free (#winning) and enjoy it as a tea with a little GF/LF milk in the morning and before bed! It works wonders and should be claimable on the PBS! x K”

Karena B. (Karena keeps coming back, thank you Karena!)

“I’m actually here to buy my 3rd bag. If you're thinking about this Peri Chai Latte because you're feeling symptoms from perimenopause, I can tell you, it's changed my sleep from broken every night to being able to get to sleep easily and sleep all the way through.  I started to feel the effects after less than a week of having 2 cups a day.  I have 1 spoonful in my coffee in the morning then a cup in the early evening which has turned into a really lovely ritual.  I also don't need a sleep mid afternoon. Game-changer, do it!”

Nicole L

“I love the taste of the peri chai latte and it's definitely helped some of my symptoms around feeling irritable and tired all the time.  I'm sleeping better and my hair and skin feels great!  I'm hooked!”

Alecia H

“I’ve been having my Peri Chai Latte for the last 2 weeks -  I feel so much calmer and have lost that 'edge' (I'm a nicer person to be around) and my energy is steady throughout the day.  My sleep has been deeper too.   This is exactly what I've been looking for!  My family has been having a cup in the evening and loving it too and my husband reckons he's sleeping better. Win-win. We're loving it!  Thanks Shebang gals!”

Sal P.

This drink has changed my day. It’s something for me to indulge in and it makes me feel soooo relaxed. I’ve been feeling so on edge, and it manages to make me feel a sense of total calm and contentment. I make it with almond milk and whisk it in a pan on the stove. Sometimes I add a touch of honey if I’m having a sweet craving. It tastes absolutely delish. Complete life saver. Thank you 🙏”

Clare S

“Fast delivery and friendly service. I am definitely a fan of this. Best two nights sleeps I've had in ages!!” 

Carol K

“I needed a coffee alternative. And a menopause alternative! Ha ha this it all that. Creamy, coconutty, tumericky delishiousness. Half the calories of a cafe latte too. Highly recommended.”

Lucy B

“Loving my peri-chai latte! It’s delicious! I drink it in the evening and it really helps to unwind from the day and feels like a real treat. Thanks ladies 😊”

Aoife R

Shebang Peri Chai Latte is the perfect way to start my morning. It’s also a wonderful pick-me-up in the afternoon without the caffeine! My favourite way to drink my latte is with a splash of almond milk and a dash of maple syrup – divine!"

Siobhain H

My peri-chai arrived today! I was so excited to make my first cup and it is divine. A yummy mix of smooth flavours and not too sweet. A perfect tea replacement. Thanks so much, now going to sit back and wait for it to bring me all those nutritional benefits.”

Louise C

peri chai latte perimenopause relief

April 03, 2022 — MICHELLE SHEARER


Lisa said:

Thank you SheBang! I have had absolutely terrible sleep for 4 years. Every night I would wake somewhere between 1 am and 3 am and then either toss snd turn or sit around bored and stressed- checking the clock and worrying about not being able to go back to sleep. Three doctors over those 4 years completey dimissed this issue and the problem in general as unimportant. They told me to drink less alcohol- even though I told them I thought I was perimenupausal and the lack of good sleep didnt have any correlation to me drinking or not drinking alcohol that night I was told I couldnt be perimenupausal because I wasnt yet 47. Truly. When I laughed the ( male ) doctor doubled down on that ‘fact’ and got very angry at me for laughing.

I decided to buy your chai latte because I wanted to support businesses from Lismore, not because I thought it would work(sorry- I have been given ’ Beautiful Me’ herbal tea recently. Didnt seem to make me more beautiful though).

Anyway, Im happy to be totally wrong about Peri Chai Latte. It seems to bloody work!!!!! I am astounded. 5 nights out of 5 since I bought your product I have had a full nights sleep. I drink one peri chai latte per day. Sleep in a row- like this -hasnt happened for years and years. Im so impressed. Thank you so much. I feel so refreshed and astounded by whats happening!

I wonder if the doctors will be the slightest bit interested.

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