How do the SheBANG! gals take their Peri Chai Latte?


"I love my Peri Chai Latte just with boiling hot water. I am a black tea lady and not really a milky person. I don’t add any sweetness, the ⅛ of a teaspoon of therapeutic Manuka honey in the formula is enough for me along with the natural sweetness of the coconut milk powder. I have it in my favourite mug to make it a moment.

Because I live with all boys (even my dog's male), I like to find a quiet place (hide!), to take a moment to decompress, before I’m rallying the troops again.

My boys all love it with milk and a little bit of honey. Whilst the main active ingredients in the Peri Chai Latte: Magnesium and Collagen are perfect for peri women, they are also actually awesome for everyone."

Read here why I think everyone should have magnesium on the daily.  Collagen is wonderful protein source to maintain muscle, bones and skin health.


"I take my Peri Chai Latte with my coffee in the morning (I usually have two) - it's so good!  I love the richness it lends to the coffee and the slight gingerbread taste I get from it.  I have my coffee with a large dessertspoon of Peri Chai Latte and homemade cashew milk.  I don't need any sweetener at all with it.

The rest of my family loves it as a sleepy time drink ritual, usually with a dash of cashew milk and honey."

When do we take it?


"I have one first thing in the morning before brekkie after a couple of glasses of water, I sometimes don’t feel hungry in the morning until 10ish. So it gives me the energy I need until then. The second is my afternoon pick me up around 2 - 3pm. I find that it wards off any sugar cravings and I don’t need an afternoon snack and I’m alright until dinner."


"I have my two Peri Chai Lattes in my two coffees of a morning"

Why we love our Peri Chai Latte


"I love that it's a whole real food supplement with no fillers or artificial ingredients. It has a great dosage of collagen for ageing skin, bones and muscles and Magnesium Glycinate which reduces perimenopausal symptoms such as balancing mood, hot flashes and improving sleep. Along with those two powerful active ingredients it also has turmeric, cinnamon, Manuka honey and black pepper to reduce inflammation.

Not only do I love it for its nutritional benefits and reducing my peri symptoms, I love the taste and the ritual of taking it."


"I absolutely love the quality of sleep I get from our Peri Chai Latte and the steady even energy I get from it throughout the day.  It's a gorgeous self-care ritual which brings the immediate benefits but also knowing the collagen is working its magic to maintain bones and muscles.

We developed this blend to target peri symptoms of broken sleep, depleted energy and mood swings so of course we're totally in love with it!"

You can also take it in an Iced Coffee, your morning smoothie (recipe here), with hot milk and water and even bake with it!

Find out more about the SheBANG! Peri Chai Latte here

March 17, 2022 — MICHELLE SHEARER

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