Why is Magnesium important in Perimenopause?

Women in perimenopause and menopause are commonly deficient in Magnesium and there is no test that is a reliable indicator. The best way is to try a supplement and see how your body responds.

How Does Magnesium Help Perimenopause Symptoms?

Is it useful in reducing peri symptoms such as:

  • Mood swings 
  • Anxiety
  • Rage
  • Hot flashes
  • Bad sleep
  • Migraines 
  • Hot flushes
  • Improving glucose and insulin metabolism. 

A study also found that Magnesium normalised the actions of different hormones (mainly progesterone) on the central nervous system. (2)

The recommended daily dosage of a magnesium supplement to help to improve symptoms is 300mg.

Magnesium in SheBANG’s Peri Chai Latte.

Our Peri Chai Latte and Peri Hot Choccy Sleep 'n' Soothe each have 150mg of Magnesium Glycinate (the one that's really good for treating anxiety, insomnia, stress and reducing perimenopause symptoms caused by inflammation) per serve.  

So if you aren’t taking another Magnesium supplement, it is recommended that you have two cups (or one of each) a day (which gives you your 300mg recommended daily dosage a day).

Have your Peri Chai Latte in the morning to start your day and the Peri Hot Choccy Sleep 'n' Soothe at the end of the day.   If you like that idea, try the SheBANG! Night 'n' Day Twin Pack which includes one of each Peri pack (with 10% off AND free shipping anywhere in Australia).

SheBANG!'s Peri Chai Latte and/or Peri Hot Choccy will help give you a good night's sleep and aid your body in managing all the chemical processes while you sleep and your body is in rest and digest mode (also worth noting that this is the most important time to help you maintain a healthy weight range).

As you can see from the recommended daily intakes above men need more than us, so (only if you feel like sharing though!), so go ahead let them have a cuppa too!  

Find out more about the SheBANG! Peri Chai Latte and Peri Hot Choccy Sleep 'n' Soothe

Why is Magnesium so Important Anyway?

As you can tell, we absolutely love Magnesium and why we included it in our Peri Chai Latte and Peri Hot Choccy blend.

As SheBANG!'s Clinical Nutritionist, Ange finds that most people don’t get enough Magnesium daily and especially perimenopausal women.

It is such a powerful tool to help women experiencing perimenopause symptoms feel great again.

Magnesium is an essential mineral, needed for optimal metabolic function. It is involved in more than 300 essential metabolic reactions within our bodies.

We have continuous chemical processes taking place that keep us alive and functioning. 

    The recommended daily intake for men and women over 30 are:

    • Women 30+ need 320mg daily
    • Men 30+ need 420mg daily.

    Sources of Magnesium in Foods:

    Research has shown that the mineral content of Magnesium in food sources is declining. (1) So we have to look to supplementation to make sure we are getting enough especially if you're experiencing perimenopause symptoms.

    Also note that if your body is under stress it will pee out the Magnesium contained in the foods you've eaten to stimulate your nervous system, so it can be hard to get enough through food sources.

    What are the Types of Magnesium?

    Not all Magnesium is created equal…

    For example Magnesium Citrates are used to treat constipation and Magnesium Glycinate is more effective in treating anxiety, insomnia, stress and reducing inflammatory conditions so perfect for women experiencing these as perimenopausal symptoms.

    Got questions for us?  Post in the comments below!

    Ange and Michelle


    As long as you don’t have a pre-existing kidney disease (as Magnesium is excreted through your kidneys), Magnesium is safe to try and take long term.

    Always check if you are on medication with your doctor or pharmacist to make sure there are no contractions with your medication.

    November 11, 2021 — Angela Greely


    Ange - SheBang said:

    Hi Emma,
    I would either have two cups of Peri Chai Latte daily or a Peri Chai Latte and a supplement. Few brands you could try Fusion, Metagenics, Bioceuticals. Look for Magnesium Glycinate for peri symptoms. Hope that helps.

    Natty B said:

    i showed some women younger then me your perimenopause booklet, they were so chuffed at the information as they did not realise that perimenopause can be a nightmare, i am in menopause and i did not realise that we had perimenopause, no body taught me this at all. I want to thankyou ladies. I am Australian and i miss how Australia lives that natural life, my UK buddies are very grateful and i have been telling them about She Bang.

    Emma said:

    So if I am having one cup of Peri chai a day do you recommend a supplement as well & if so which one? I have been using magnesium spray at night on my legs too. Thanks, Emma

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