Perimenopause?  What now?!

You've noticed changes. What on earth is going on now??  Could it be.... could it be .....PERIMENOPAUSE?

New to this word and this whole game? You're not alone. We've got you!

We're going to break it allllll down:

Perimenopause: the word:

>>'peri', Greek for "around" or "near" + menopause (which marks a point in time which is when you've had 12 months and no period).

Perimenopause tends to happen in our 40s and can last between 4-9 years (strap in, gals!).  The physical symptoms you experience are thanks to major changes to our oestrogen levels.

Behold! The absolute outrageousness of our hormones during peri:

What are the Symptoms of Perimenopause?

You'd better sit down for this one.

You could experience one, several or (perish the thought) all of the following perimenopause symptoms:


The Stages of Perimenopause: which one are you in?

There are different stages of perimenopause. Take a gander of the following and see where you think you are:

VERY early perimenopause: Regular period but with signs of change.

EARLY perimenopause: Irregular period - cycles vary in length by 7 or more days.

 LATE perimenopause: Skipped period: 60 days without flow.

 FINAL PHASE (Menopause): 1 year no period, congrats! You've reached menopause.

Find out more here about whether you could be in perimenopause.

Want to know more about the stages of perimenopause? Tap here.

Okay so great! What can help me through Perimenopause??

Well, apart from our shameless plug 👆 for our awesome Peri Chai Latte (that we formulated for ourselves and all peri women everywhere - and works!), here's what else you can do starting today:
  • Move every day: whatever brings you joy that gets you moving- do that.

  • Bye, bye sugar - swerve that sugar low. Experiment by giving it a miss for 4 weeks - how do you feel?

  • ...and Le Booze while we're at it: yes, we know, we know. But, stick with us, it really does blow up symptoms, like big time.

    Just for now, until this is all done - drop it or cut it. You can make up for lost time when you're done.  Just set low expectations, experiment and see how you feel...  If you feel better, stick with it!

  • Eat well: we're talking lots of fresh veg, moderate protein, some fruit and good fats.  Focus on great gut health - this is so key!

  • Find a good GP to support you: ask around, seek one out.

  • Find your perisisters and talk it out: seriously, it really helps to know you're not the only one going through it ❤️.  Want to join our gorgeous Perisisterhood? Click here and we'll see you in there 😉

  • Get onto the magnesium: it's the Peri Powerhouse. Find out more about how it helps, here.  It's also why we included it in our Peri Chai Latte blend and Peri Hot Choccy Sleep 'n' Soothe.

  • Know that this is temporary: perimenopause is a life phase, it's gonna go away, things will change and you're going to feel good again. You've got this!

Have questions? We LOVE questions!  Drop them in the comments below and we'll do our very best to answer asap.


Ange and Michelle x

November 14, 2021 — MICHELLE SHEARER


Wendy said:

Hi Ange and Michelle,
Thanks for the resources you provide at this confusing time. I had an ablation about 12 years ago. No more periods! Yippee! Best thing I ever did. But according to medicine that is the only measure of menopause. Just because my periods were prevented from happening doesn’t mean there was any impact to my hormones. Now I am noticing changes and I have no measure of where I’m at. I have to guess that I’m perimenopausal because of the symptoms I have. There must be other ways to determine how long I’m on this roller coaster for. Perhaps the length of perimenopause can’t be measured as it is different for everyone.
Please don’t refer me to a GP.

Mel said:

Hi team!!
I totally agree with Jackie who posted April 19, you guys are terrific!!
I’m 49 and have been peri for about 4 yrs. Jackie is so right in saying people just don’t talk about it! Women can be such silent warriors but I think we need to be more loud and proud about this very natural journey.
I’m the only woman in my manly household and I’m sick of being seen as a crazy person! We need to educate our boys to men about this so that it becomes normal, menstruation also.
Thank you for being here and making what’s happening to me normal ❤
Biggest love from me!!

Jacki said:

Hi ladies,

Really just wanted to say THANK YOU for this fantastic peri menopausal info and for providing it in a non bog boring clinical way. I’m 48 and have learnt more about peri menopause from you guys than I have from my mum, my friends or my GP! No one talks about it! So thank you, now I know I’m not alone and that I’m not the only person losing my c*** over nothing, not sleeping, feeling like I need to be plugged into a walk socket to get some energy and why I love magnesium so much 😃.


Ps I can’t wait to try the Chai 😊

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