Perimenopause is a total minefield of wild rollercoaster and Tower of Terror type rides - oh boy!

The worst thing is when the changes catch you unawares and you're wondering what the fresh heck is going on with your body and brain. 

You read somewhere about being over 40 and this perimenopause thing, and then as you read through the symptoms, it dawns on you - this could be that... perimenopause.

Okay so now what??

A body that feels out of control, no info anywhere that you can see, the doc might have told you "You're too young for menopause" (which is a different thing to perimenopause which is what you're experiencing) and so now you feel all at sea.

Well, guess what? We've got you!

SheBANG! was born because Michelle and Ange (Co-Founders) were/ARE in the same boat as you and wanted to do something about it.

So, the SheBANG! Community was born where we share as much information as humanly possible to empower ourselves and perimenopausal women everywhere with as many details as possible about the what, howisthisevenpossible?! why and whatcanbedones to help yourself and find the support you need to thrive through these wild ride years.

Our perimenopause guide below, covers:

  • The basics of perimenopause
  • The symptoms
  • The tools you need to thrive.

Grab yourself a nice cuppa (find ours here 😉), carve out some time and get ready to empower yourself through this hormonal storm - you've got this!

The Basics of Perimenopause

  1. The Beginner's Guide to Perimenopause
  2. What Can I Expect from Perimenopause?
  3. What's the Difference Between Perimenopause and Menopause
  4. Am I Too Young for Perimenopause?
  5. Is There a Test for Perimenopause?
  6. The Stages of Perimenopause
  7. The Top 10 Symptoms of Early Perimenopause
  8. What Does a Perimenopause Period Look Like?
  9. HRT: the Lowdown

Perimenopause Symptoms Guide

  1. Perimenopause Weight Gain
  2. Get Better Sleep in Perimenopause
  3. Overcome Hot Flushes and Night Sweats
  4. Overcome Mood Swings 
  5. Perimenopause RAGE
  6. What To Do About Bloating
  7. Tummy Weight
  8. Itchy Skin
  9. Tips to Overcome a Dipping Libido
  10. Perimenopause Fatigue - Get Good Energy Back
  11. New Food Intolerances Caused by Perimenopause?
  12. Memory Loss and Brain Fog in Perimenopause
  13. Why am I SO Emotional All the Time
  14. Hair Loss in Perimenopause: What Can I DO??

The Ultimate Perimenopause Tools to Reduce Perimenopause Symptoms 

  1. The Best Diet for Perimenopause
  2. The Power of Protein in Perimenopause
  3. Perimenopause and Sugar
  4. Better Hair, Skin and Nails in Perimenopause
  5. How Probiotics Can Help Reduce Perimenopause Symptoms
  6. Alcohol and Perimenopause
  7. Gut Health and Perimenopause Symptoms
  8. About Carbs in Perimenopause
  9. Eat for your Perimenopause Cycle
  10. Magnesium and Perimenopause
  11. PRO-ageing Nutrition for Perimenopause
  12. Perimenopause Requires Chocolate!
  13. The Partner's Guide to Perimenopause
  14. The 30-Day Peri-Buster Plan
  15. Best Drinks for Perimenopause
  16. How To Balance Your Hormones Naturally in Perimenopause
  17. Foods to Avoid in Perimenopause
  18. The Right Exercise for Perimenopause

October 18, 2023 — MICHELLE SHEARER

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