Perimenopause, or the "menopausal warm-up act," can definitely stir things up in your noggin. It's like your brain's hosting a wild rollercoaster party, and it's invited all your hormones to join in the fun - URGH!

First off, you might notice some mood swings. One moment, you're all sunshine and rainbows, and the next, you're in a storm cloud. Yep you can blame all that on those delightment hormonal fluctuations.

Part of it all is you may find your memory deciding to play hide-and-seek with you. You could find yourself standing in the kitchen, wondering why you walked in there in the first place. It's like a quirky little brain glitch.

And let's talk about focus.

Concentrating on a task might feel like trying to catch a slippery fish. Your mind can wander off to more exciting places, like your summer holiday plans, a nap....

Speaking of which, sleep of course!  Perimenopause might mess with your beauty rest. Night sweats and hot flashes can wake you up like an annoying alarm clock.

But, having said alllll that – it's not all doom and gloom. We promise!

Some people actually report feeling more creative and in touch with their emotions during this time. It's like your brain's getting a glow-up.

10 Tips to Supercharge your Brain through Perimenopause

Let's talk about supercharging that marvellous brain of yours during perimenopause! It's like giving your brain a spa day and a shot of espresso all at once. Here are some tips to keep your mental mojo going:

    1. Stay Active: Get your groove on with regular moves. Whatever you love doing, do that! It boosts blood flow to your brain and releases those happy hormones: endorphins. And wow, does it help with those mood swings! More about exercise in perimenopause here.

    2. Balanced Diet: Feed your brain with healthy, colourful foods. Omega-3 fatty acids, fruits, veggies, and whole grains can be your brain's best friends. More from our Clinical Nutritionist here about the best diet for perimenopause.

    3. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate: Water is the ultimate brain elixir. Stay hydrated to keep your cognitive gears running smoothly.

    4. Sleep is Sacred: Prioritise your beauty sleep - and we know this can sound like some kind of cruel joke - I mean, we would if we could! We know sleep feels like a distant sweet memory but this is about doing everything you can in your power to set things up to give you the best possible changes of a good sleep.  So things like creating a cool, comfy sleep environment to tackle those night sweats and keep your brain refreshed.  Here are some more tips for a good night sleep.

      If you need some extra help right now, we can help - take this for a leg-up.

    5. Mental Challenges: Keep your brain sharp by challenging it. Crossword puzzles, Sudoku, or learning something new like a language or instrument – all fantastic brain workouts.

    6. Mindfulness and Meditation: Practicing mindfulness and meditation can help you manage stress, improve focus, and create a serene mental space.

    7. Hormone Therapy: Consult with your doctor about hormone replacement therapy if you're having severe symptoms. It can work wonders for some women.

    8. Socialise: Stay connected with friends and loved ones. Social interaction is like a nutrient for your brain.  Join SheBANG!'s online private Facebook group: The SheBANG! Perisisterhood.

    9. Love yourself: Be kind to yourself. Your brain thrives on positivity. Practice self-compassion and gratitude.

    10. Have a daily smoothie with our Peri Protein POWder with KSM 66 Ashwagandha for a mega brain boost as well as supporting your higher protein needs: Our Peri Protein blends have been developed by our Clinical Nutritionist specifically to help improve perimenopausal womens' brains and increased protein needs (we start to lose muscle mass as we get older) 

      Not only will our protein blends with clinically tested ingredients boost your brain but also improve your sleep and reduce stress and food cravings. 

      Our plant-based Peri Protein Blends are now available in Vanilla and Milk Chocolate.

Remember, your journey through perimenopause is unique. What works for one woman might not work for another. It's all about discovering what makes your brain feel supercharged and vibrant during this transition. So, go ahead, embrace this stage of life, and let your brain sparkle like the gem it is! 

October 20, 2023 — Angela Greely

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